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Competitive advantages of products



Quality – we have developed our own specifications, differing more stringent quality requirements.

Moisture our cereal does not exceed 10% (DSTU 13%), which significantly reduce the number of claims in connection with the damage of the product on the shelves of retailers;

Purity of our products is achieved by repeated cleaning, eliminating the presence of trash in the final product. Percentage of infestation in our flakes 0.003% whereas competitors use DSTU up 0.3%;

Taste - our flakes are made from grains, derived from corn, steamed

It is important to know that the flakes of cereal, steamed:

- do not stick together during cooking, are more airy and crumbly than usual polished grains.

- such and cereals retain more than 80% of the vitamins and minerals that are usually lost due to conventional methods.

Assortment – our product range includes all popular consumer items in the convenient (4 packs of 200 grams), attractive packaging.


Competitive advantages of cereal and muesli, as food
The good -
cereal flakes are one of the best sources of fiber, vitamins, phosphorus and calcium, iron, iodine, vitamin A and E, potassium, and magnesium
And most importantly -
it's a great antioxidant that is required for your beauty and youth.

- flakes and muesli are natural products that do not require addition of various chemicals.

Speed ​​cooking -
in just 5 minutes,
you can make your own delicious and healthy dish.