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пшено Wheat - one of the most useful grains. Millet contains essential amino acids - the building blocks for muscle and skin cells, slowly digested carbohydrates (cleanse the body from various toxins), vegetable fats - a necessary component for the assimilation of certain vitamins, including carotene and vitamin D.

In 100 g of product millet:
Protein - 11.5 g
Fat - 3.3 g
Carbohydrates - 66, 5 g
Calories   -  342 kcal

Millet quickly become caked and begins to taste bitter. Slight bitterness can be eliminated if the rump before cooking scald with boiling water or dry-fry in a pan.

First began to cultivate millet Chinese, who realized that this unpretentious plant will be able to easily provide the body with the necessary nutrients and vitamins. The people of the Middle Kingdom "golden grain" is the raw material for the production of flour, cooking, kvass, beer, soups and desserts. And only then request that around the world. Just a couple of hundred years ago in Russia millet was the main course on a farm table.

The composition of wheat contain substances that interfere with absorption of iodine by the thyroid gland. People suffering from hypothyroidism should eat millet with caution.
каша пшенная

Millet is one of the least allergenic grains.

Millet grains are rich in vitamins, especially vitamin B1, which is struggling with fatigue, irritability, and improves memory. B2 makes attractive hair and skin. A B5 stabilizes blood pressure.

Millet supplies the body of the iron necessary for normal blood circulation and healthy complexion, fluoride, which is essential to maintain healthy teeth and magnesium - essential trace element for the athletes and workaholics.

Millet has a bracing effect on the body, promotes excretion of antibiotics and toxins.

витамины* Vitamin A 3 mg
* Vitamin B1 0.42 mg
* Vitamin B2 0.04 mg
* Vitamin B6 0.5mg
* Vitamin B9 40 mcg
* Vitamin E 0.3 mg
* Calcium 27 mg
* Magnesium 83 mg
* Sodium 10 mg
* Potassium 211 mg
* Phosphorus 233 mg
* Iron 2.7 mg
* Fluoride 28 mg