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рисRice cereals - rice - a native of Asia. More precisely the north of Vietnam and Thailand. Long before our era rice cultivation has become a way of life in India, China, Indonesia and Malaysia. During the first millennium AD, rice won the love and acceptance of people of the Middle East, really surpassing crop wheat and millet. In contrast to the Asian people, Europeans once took rice as nutritious cereals for cooking. The Greeks and Romans, who knew of the existence of rice, even before the Christian era, treated him just like a drug. Within a half thousand years figure to push its way to the European table. And helped him in this ... plague. In the thirteenth century, the south of Europe swept the plague, which made this place in the desert. Cultivate wheat had neither the strength nor the means. Survivors have to sow the fields of Valencia and Sicily nutritious and low-maintenance "round" rice for the cultivation of which did not require a lot of water, and get rich harvest.

Soon, the figure began to enjoy increased attention in the northern and central Europe, where it was not allowed to grow climate. Rice is an export commodity, and British cookbooks of the eighteenth century had already placed on the pages of the famous rice pudding recipe. We were in Russia Figure hit recently, almost simultaneously with the potatoes. Grown in domestic fields, rice is the most northerly in the world. Cultivated rice fields in the southern Astrakhan and Rostov regions, the Stavropol and Krasnodar Territory. But the bulk of the rice gets to our table as a result of imports from other countries. Russia is engaged in procurement of rice abroad for more than half a century of being the largest importers of "white kitchen pearls."