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No one knows for sure where he got that name corn. In Romanian, "corn" means "fir-cone." In Turkish "kokoroz" - a "corn stalk." So, the word "corn" has come to us, or from Romania, or the Turks. But in many countries, corn is called "corn." This name was given corn Indians from the island of Haiti.

Maize was first cultivated in South and Central America. Back in the pre-Columbian Indians have relatively good results in its cultivation, there were all the main types of corn: siliceous, Zubovidnaya, starchy, sweet and burst. Indians used to eat not only corn, cereal and panicles and stems. Of pollen they cooked soup, used as a filling for pies. In Europe, corn began to cultivate only in the XIX century, in Russia even later. Currently, corn is grown in 60 countries. Corn sow large areas in the United States, Argentina, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, China, and other countries. In Russia, more corn grown in the south.