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Homeland buckwheat - the Himalayas and the mountains of India. However, it is in Russia, buckwheat was one of the staple foods. Alexander Suvorov, the Russian commander, buckwheat called "heroic porridge" for its nutritional value and ease of preparation. Buckwheat was introduced in Russia during the Tatar invasion, called "Tatar", the modern name is settled due to active trade with Greece, where she was featured as the "Greek grass".

Buckwheat is rich in complete protein, B vitamins and fiber, as well as all minerals, except for calcium. Buckwheat also contains iron, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, iodine, boron, nickel, cobalt, organic acids, vitamin P.

Buckwheat contains a lot of folic acid, which increases endurance and resistance to many diseases, it also helps in the treatment of many gastric and intestinal diseases, good for the liver and diabetes.

Buckwheat can serve as a full replacement for meat in the diet, it is recommended in dietary nutrition, anemia, and leukemia. Buckwheat also helps the excretion of radionuclides.