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Homeland millet - South East Asia, or rather China where millet grown long before our era. Before the spread of rice, wheat was the staple food in Asia. Were made from aluminum flour, soups, desserts, and even brewed beer. For living in the northern forest of eastern Slavs millet was the main crop.

Wheat - one of the most useful grains containing more protein than rice and barley, more phosphorus than meat, more folic acid than in wheat and corn, more vitamins than other cereals. In addition, millet high in potassium, zinc, sodium, iodine, magnesium and bromine.

Millet contains amino acids and trace elements that are so necessary for the skin. It gives strength, strengthens muscles, liver treats, heals wounds, splicing broken bones. Dish of millet useful in diabetes. Millet grains are rich in potassium, essential for cardiac abnormalities. Nutritionists recommend Pshenko for prevention of digestive diseases.

The components of the wheat, the heavy metal ions bind and eliminate toxins from the body, so the millet flakes especially recommend the inhabitants of towns and places with a dysfunctional environment. They are also able to rid the body of residual antibiotics and their degradation products, so with antibiotic treatment is recommended once a day is a millet porridge.

Dish of millet is a storehouse of useful minerals and vitamins, has, in addition, amazing taste that pleases both adults and children.