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Home Be healthy! Beauty and nutrition

совместимость продуктовIf you eat a high-quality and healthy foods, you'll still have a great opportunity to harm your body, using them in the wrong combinations.
Perhaps you are not very surprising, but most of the usual combinations are wrong and hinder digestion. For example, below is a table of compatibility of food. I know that some combinations will seem ridiculous.

But the table shows how the combination of products in terms of digestion, but not taste.

well compatible normally compatible hardly compatible
№ 1 Meat, poultry, fish № 2 Legume № 3 Butter, cream № 4 Sour cream № 5 Vegetable oil № 6 Sugar, confectionery № 7 Bread, cereals and potatoes № 8 Acidic fruits and tomatoes № 9 Semi-acid fruits № 10 Green and non-starchy vegetables № 11 Starchy vegetables № 12 Milk № 13 Cheese, dairy products № 14 Cheese № 15 Eggs № 16 Nuts № 17 Melon
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

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правильное питаниеAbout healthy eating, we have already mentioned, but that is - it is still a question. In this article, we will create an exemplary menu of healthy food for each day.

To begin with, it should be excluded from the daily diet. They are: sausages, bread, pastry, sugar, mayonnaise, alcohol, butter, chocolate (bitter resolved, 70%), bread premium, fast foods, juices in Tetra Pak cartons. Reduce the amount of salt to 4 g per day, but should not be completely ruled out.

What to eat each day?

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понижает давлениеProducts that reduce the pressure.

Hypertension today is a very common disease. And one of the prerequisites to combat high blood pressure is a diet.

Today, you'll learn what foods should eat to relieve the pressure.

Products, reducing pressure really exist. Of course, they can not replace professional treatment if you suffer from high blood pressure, but more effective. After all, proper nutrition is one of the keys to health.

So here's a list of products that should be used to reduce the pressure:

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waterIf you decide to live a healthy life, then I highly recommend you to follow the drinking regime. About what is better to drink water, we've been told. Now let's talk about how much water should you drink and when to do it.

A person with an average body weight per day you should drink at least 1.5 liters of plain water. That water: tea, coffee, juice and other liquids are not included in this volume. It should be a little bit to adjust the amount of water you drink, depending on your activity and temperature. The way men want to drink a little more water due to more intense sweating.

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Recognize that the accumulation of fat reserves, among other things, contributed to your life and lifestyle. Consequently, some of your habits, preferences, traditions and circumstances and will continue to encourage you to return to the state from which you worked so hard to get rid.

Try to understand what prevents you to maintain shape and good health? Not all of you can give, and definitely not all bad

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You'll learn about it by reading the pages of our website. In order to lose weight easily and without injury you should:

Step 1

Objectively evaluate your health, better with your doctor. Various chronic ailments and features of your body can play a role in selecting methods and techniques, of which was your weight loss program.

Step 2

We propose to study the diet and to choose the most pleasant to you that meets your goals and put your executable.

Step 3

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