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Home Be healthy! Beauty and nutrition How to drink water?

waterIf you decide to live a healthy life, then I highly recommend you to follow the drinking regime. About what is better to drink water, we've been told. Now let's talk about how much water should you drink and when to do it.

A person with an average body weight per day you should drink at least 1.5 liters of plain water. That water: tea, coffee, juice and other liquids are not included in this volume. It should be a little bit to adjust the amount of water you drink, depending on your activity and temperature. The way men want to drink a little more water due to more intense sweating.

During the day

Rule: in the morning drink a glass of warm water for 20-30 minutes before breakfast. In this way you will help to wake up the body.

Obtain yourself a special bottle of water, and if possible carry it with you to distribute water intake during the day.

You should not drink more than a glass of water before going to bed, as this will be an additional burden on the kidneys, which also want to relax at night. If the kidneys fail, you will wake up with swelling on the face.

Before or after?

A lot of controversy on this issue. Proponents of a separate food argue that drink water during and after a meal is impossible. But the most radical of them offer a drink of water just 5 hours after eaten a piece of meat! The reason is that getting into the stomach, the water dissolves the gastric juice, and thus hampers digestion. This theory is not devoid of common sense, but I believe that we should not be so categorical.

I advise you to drink water for 15-20 minutes before meals, after meals and if you still feel thirsty, you should not limit yourself greatly. Better make sure the temperature of the fluids you drink: Try to drink water at room temperature.