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Home Be healthy! Beauty and nutrition What foods lower blood pressure?

понижает давлениеProducts that reduce the pressure.

Hypertension today is a very common disease. And one of the prerequisites to combat high blood pressure is a diet.

Today, you'll learn what foods should eat to relieve the pressure.

Products, reducing pressure really exist. Of course, they can not replace professional treatment if you suffer from high blood pressure, but more effective. After all, proper nutrition is one of the keys to health.

So here's a list of products that should be used to reduce the pressure:

- Low-fat milk and other dairy products. By the way, here is ice cream, too. It is known that calcium helps reduce the pressure. And the calcium in milk also contains, along with vitamin D. This improves the absorption of calcium.

- Up to products containing calcium, as are green vegetables, almonds and sardines. An important element for the normalization of pressure is potassium. Its source is bananas, baked potatoes, apricots, oranges, tuna, tomatoes.

- Special attention should be given garlic. It contains substances that enhance blood vessels. Many consider it the best product to reduce the pressure. Garlic is preferably daily, 1-2 cloves.

- Dark chocolate is also a product that lowers blood pressure, but it does contain a lot of calories, so you should be careful.

- Green tea is useful to normalize the pressure. There have been many studies that confirm this fact. Japan is the last place on the number of patients with hypertension and the first by the number of drinking green tea.

чай каркадеHibiscus tea, hibiscus tea can lower the pressure, due to antioxidants.

All of these products actually reduce the pressure. But they must be taken regularly! But such a product that instantly reduces the pressure, I do not know. If you know more, then share your secret with me and other readers in the comments.