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Home Be healthy! Beauty and nutrition How to lose weight without sacrificing health?

You'll learn about it by reading the pages of our website. In order to lose weight easily and without injury you should:

Step 1

Objectively evaluate your health, better with your doctor. Various chronic ailments and features of your body can play a role in selecting methods and techniques, of which was your weight loss program.

Step 2

We propose to study the diet and to choose the most pleasant to you that meets your goals and put your executable.

Step 3

Choose the method of exercise, which will be the most pleasant (it enjoyable!) For you. It can be a home gym, fitness at the club, yoga for beginners, or any other kind of exercise. You can just dance if this type of exercise you prefer!

Step 4

Mark your calendar for the diet, in parallel to schedule exercise. Begin not with the mythical "Monday", and on the next day!

Step 5

Perform your set goals and objectives, despite the temptations and laziness. If a diet or earlier exercise will be difficult to achieve in practice, too - go back to Step 2 and create a new program of weight loss. You - the designer and engineer of your body, go to the issue of weight loss creatively. Be creative, try, correct yourself!

Our goal is not to teach and tell. Do not make and customize. Undeterred, and call your own desire to lose weight. And enjoy the results we will work with you! ­