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Home Be healthy! Beauty and nutrition Specialist advice on weight loss, recommendations

Recognize that the accumulation of fat reserves, among other things, contributed to your life and lifestyle. Consequently, some of your habits, preferences, traditions and circumstances and will continue to encourage you to return to the state from which you worked so hard to get rid.

Try to understand what prevents you to maintain shape and good health? Not all of you can give, and definitely not all bad


Among the factors that prevent women stay slim, are:
фактор Smoking
фактор Alcohol
фактор Sedentary work
фактор Too profuse home menu
фактор Eating at different times
фактор The habit of eating at night
фактор The habit of eating in front of TV
фактор The habit of eating with a book
фактор Not getting enough sleep
фактор Irritability
фактор Complexes
фактор Loneliness


Some of them can and should be rooted out and avoid the other - is very difficult. But you can reduce their harmful effects. And then, everything in life is interconnected. Let's start with the first, that is, of those that need to get rid of.