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Home Be healthy! Healthy living What is a healthy lifestyle?

(Healthy lifestyle - a myth or reality?)

The main goal of a healthy lifestyle is a natural health maintenance. Therefore, in order to understand what it represents, let's look at the factors that affect our health. There are many, but among them are the most important, such as:

1. Supply. It's simple: "We - we are what we eat!"

2. Emotions. As long as a person is young, he used to underestimate the influence of emotions on your body. This is a mistake. Stress and negative thoughts lower immunity and are often the cause of illness.

3. Sleep. Of how much and when you sleep, is directly dependent being.

4. Physical activity. You regularly attend training or in their free time would prefer to lie on the couch? This choice will necessarily affect the health.

5. The natural environment. We have in mind not only the purity of the air and water, and the naturalness of your household chemicals, cosmetics and the like.

I am sure now you may have guessed, what is a healthy lifestyle! So, to be healthy and beautiful are needed:




Physical activity



More information about each of these factors, we have written in the relevant articles that suggest you read. There we tried to simply and clearly explain the basics of a healthy lifestyle, and here I would like to note that the organism - a system where everything is interconnected. And, if you, for example, would be ideal to eat, but always get nervous and do not get enough sleep, you will not get any result. Understand also that know how to lead a healthy life and a healthy life - is not the same thing! Should regularly observe the above rules, then only you can feel the effects of a healthy lifestyle. It's not easy, but it all depends on you.