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Home Be healthy! Healthy living Proper nutrition: the basics

Сбалансированное питание

Proper nutrition is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. What we eat, how much, when and under what conditions - all this affects the functioning of our body. If you want the body was a pleasure to work for you, we strongly recommend the following guidelines when feeding:

1. Use your head, not the stomach! In my opinion - it is the foundation of good nutrition. Before you want to eat something, think. First, why do you have? Second, you need to eat just that? If your questions you will get an answer like "just because I want to," then go and drink a glass of water. One must learn to distinguish between hunger and desire to chew. The second occurs much more often! Of course, sometimes you can treat yourself and eat a cake in order to have fun, but do not get carried away with this.

2. Refuse from harmful products. Forget the soda, candy bars, chips, fast food and other tasty shit. Avoid sausages, preserves, mayonnaise, fatty meats, spices, limit the use of salt, sugar and sweets.

3. Meals should be balanced. That is, the body has to get enough protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. To do this, try to vary your menu.

4. The correct selection of a combination of products. Not all products are combined with each other. Two useful products may be harmful to your body when you eat them together. How to combine basic foods, you can read here

5. There should be only in a good mood. You need to be calm when eating. No need, sitting at a table, resolve any problems or sort things out. Your negative emotions do not allow the digestive system to work properly, and even some scientists believe that the food you partake in a bad mood turns to poison! Sometimes it is possible to break this rule. If you know that chocolate you eat, improve your mood, you can make an exception.

6. Do not eat before bed. The last meal should be about 2-3 hours before you go to bed. At night, the body has to relax, and the stomach is no exception. Eating before bed, you leave the stomach for night duty! If, however, you can not help, then drink a glass of buttermilk.

7. Follow the drinking regime. In the morning drink a glass of warm water for about 30 minutes before breakfast. This will help to wake up the stomach and prepare it for eating. During the day, need to drink about 2 liters of fluid.