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Home Be healthy! Healthy living The influence of emotions on human health

позитивScientists have proved the influence of emotions on human health. The same emotions in different people may experience a completely different situations.

Emotions - it is subjective and purely personal relationship of man to what is going on. But any particular emotion (eg fear) is the same effect on the body of any person, regardless of the situation in which a person feels this emotion.

That positive emotions are beneficial to health - it is not only our "intuition" is a scientifically proven fact! Positive emotions are really fueling your body and promote good health. At the same time, people suffering from depression and constantly experience anxiety, are more prone to illness.

How emotions affect the human body?

Why, when we are afraid, we can run much faster? Why heart beats harder and more often, when we are waiting for the results of an examination or stand in front of a large audience?

Because emotions prepare us for certain actions. The corresponding emotion prepares the body for appropriate behavior: if you are afraid, the body is mobilized to escape, if you are angry, the body is preparing to attack. In the body, are the appropriate processes in order to prepare us to act in a particular situation. Thus, in times of danger, increases the ability of blood clots and is its outflow from the surface of the body - it will reduce the loss of blood in case of injury.

позитивAs research shows, the joy of liberated catecholamines - hormones that inhibit inflammation. At the same time there is the release of endorphins, which can reduce pain.

Emotions have the greatest impact on the cardiovascular system. Intense anger and prolonged stimulation contribute to disruption of the heart and the development of such diseases as hypertension.

Circulation depends on the emotions changing pulse, blood pressure, blood vessel tone. Positive emotions cause blood flow to the skin and improves the blood.

Emotions change the rhythm of breath from strong pressure a person can suffocate. People who are constantly under stress, often suffer from infectious diseases of the upper respiratory tract, and in people who experience positive emotions, breathing becomes easier.

Scientists have shown that pessimistic people with low self-esteem, often experiencing anxiety and fear, tend to suffer from headaches, stomach and spine diseases. On the other hand, the optimists are not as susceptible to colds. In addition, people who frequently experience positive emotions, it is easier to sleep and sleep tight, and this is a very serious impact on health.

All these facts confirm the significant impact of emotions on human health. Positive and negative emotions appropriately affect your health. From this simple conclusion:

Bright thoughts in my head - a mandatory component of a healthy lifestyle!