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Home Be healthy! Healthy living Physical activity

нагрузкиDid you know that during this century the average person physical activity decreased in 90 times! Such wonderful invention, as the car and the TV remote, make our lives more comfortable and allow you to get the desired result without making any physical effort. But at the same time, lack of physical activity is often the main or indirect cause of diseases such as hypertension, obesity, cancer, diabetes, atherosclerosis, and so on. Particularly affected the cardiovascular system.

Physical activity for all

There are many types of physical activity, from a walk in the park to extreme sports. And I am convinced that everyone can pick out something interesting.

But many believe that due to age, or due to the presence of an illness, they are counter-exercise. Of course, it is not, just need to pick the exercises that are suitable for you. Determine the suitable type and amount of load to help the doctor. Feel free to contact him with such a request.

The benefits of exercise

Training of muscles. Physical exercise makes muscles stronger and tougher, and therefore will be less tired and will be easier to deal with any job.

Beauty. If you want to look attractive, have toned muscles and a slim figure, you can not do without exercising. Physical activity in combination with diet to help solve the problem of excess weight that bothers millions of people.

Good mood. Biking, skating, water aerobics, walking - this occupation are positively charged emotions. We strongly recommend that you choose a form of exercise that will bring you pleasure. And there are plenty to choose!

Strengthening the heart. During exercise the heart is activated because it needs to pump more blood, and in the future more easily trained heart suffers stress and load.

The body becomes resistant. A trained person is resistant to adverse factors such as radiation, low atmospheric pressure, high temperature, easy transfers of poisoning. Experiment was carried out by scientists. Group of rats was trained daily swimming and jogging. Trained rats were kept at 4 times the dose of radiation than normal.

It is impossible to live a healthy lifestyle, lying on the couch! Make movement a mandatory part of your life and have fun.