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Home Be healthy! Healthy living The influence of the environment on health

нагрузкиEvery year, people are increasingly moving away from nature. Throughout human history, people do not adapt to nature, but rather the nature of the fit for themselves. We aim to make the environment comfortable and frequently do not think about how it will affect our health. And while much of the disease (including congenital) due to poor environment. We are all aware of air pollution, water and soil pollution affects our health.

So, how to live a healthy life in such adverse conditions? I urge you to reject all human blessings, go live in the woods and go to the raw food diet. No, primitive people, so close to nature, very rarely live up to 40 years. I believe that it is necessary to find a compromise between civilization and health. If you live in the city, try to spend more time outdoors, walking in the park, but not along the road.

Think about how your lifestyle affects health. Many people today worry vision problems and incorrect posture. Computer and TV destroy your eyesight, so take a few minutes a day to do exercises for the eyes replace the series preview a book.

If your work - this is a sedentary lifestyle, be sure to make each hour short breaks: stand up, walk around, mash. In the evenings exercise regularly.

I think the idea is clear: if your health is damaged, be kind - do it for something useful!

Make sure that what goes into your body. If you have the opportunity to use vegetables grown in your garden, be sure to use it. Choose natural products: instead of the usual chocolate bar buy chocolate, and instead of soda water at home, prepare juice.

Pay attention to the composition of your toothpaste, shampoo, cosmetics, detergents. Most of them contain harmful substances to humans. Hazardous substances contained in cosmetics and household chemicals - is sodium laureth sulfate (Sodium lauryl sulphate). Try to choose makeup, do not have it in its composition. It is expensive, but the health savings should not be.

It is clear that we are not able to protect yourself from all the negative external influences, but leading a healthy lifestyle, we have a little compensate the negative impact. We should not forget that health given to us by nature!