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Home Be healthy! Healthy living How to start a healthy lifestyle?

Today I want to share with you their experiences and talk about how to start a healthy lifestyle. I do not like categorization, and I believe that the changes appear gradually.

Therefore, first decided to make a few steps towards your health. But it turned out that these first steps were the most important.

Step 1. Turn your mind.

Just think about their actions and how they affect health. Millions of people did not hesitate to open the refrigerator door and looking for anything, "chew", and the body at this time, it is negolodnogo!

In general, if you do something, do it consciously. If, for example, ask yourself, "Can I go to a tanning salon?". And do not know the answer - it's not scary. You can easily find it. Matter if you do not ask yourself that.

Step 2. Set a goal and it materializes.

Because you want to learn how to start a healthy lifestyle, then you have already decided that you need it. I do not know why you made that decision, but I'm sure about it you will not regret.

By the way, I want to share with you one way, you can maintain a high motivation. Turn to achieve its goals for the competition. Reach the goal - you are a champion!

Now your goal you have to materialize - that you come closer to achieve it. I think it would be cool to draw a bright banner reading: "Today I lead a healthy lifestyle" and hang it in a prominent place.

But I must admit, I was ashamed to do so. I just did a record in the diary, and then put a check if the job was done.

Be sure to move your goal on paper!

Step 3. Diet.

The first thing that you should pay attention - is food. Read the article about the basics of good nutrition and begin to act. For me, the hardest part was to keep from "Zhora evening." I decided to limit itself to five doses per day and did this: on the fridge on the left side nalepil 5 magnets, and after every meal (regardless of size), I moved the magnet to the right one. Helped!

Step 4. Start driving.

Get regular exercise or sports. Without it, I can not imagine a healthy lifestyle! Preferably daily pay attention to their physical form. Not necessary to go to the gym, you can do at home or in the street. But the main thing regularly!

Step 5. Learn how to sleep properly.

If you do not get enough sleep, you slept all day! Learn to respect the - one of the first steps towards a healthier lifestyle. Most of us during the week have to get up early, but many people like to go to bed later.

Usually this leads to the following situation: during the week the body is not getting enough sleep, and on weekends husband sleeps till noon. This is not good, because the body is easier to wake up at the same time.