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Our company from the very beginning of its existence has set for itself a top priority the production of goods of high quality and certainly useful for consumers.

As a manufacturer, we form our range of products, the production of which does not apply dyes, no preservatives, no flavor enhancers or emulsifiers.

None of our products contain E supplements.


Natural, high-quality grains, flakes, muesli our production won the trust of consumers in Ukraine.

Our products are presented as familiar to all from childhood delicious "Hercules" and such rare for the Ukrainian market products like rice, pea flakes, "9 cereal + flax".

Exclusive series of large, developed by our technicians, will surprise you with their quality and save a deficit in our life time to communicate with loved ones.

Our delicate oats are the only ones on the market and is perfect to help parents transition from breast baby food.

We are pleased to announce another exclusive product developed by our team of professional engineers - the first Good dry breakfasts. Unlike in the market corn snacks, supersaturated sugar, our Good dry breakfasts made ​​from oatmeal prepared by a unique technology that allows them to use just the bay cold milk or even plain water. Subtle, pleasant taste first Good dry breakfasts will impress your children, and you can use them as an ideal mix for making your own muesli.

We are happy to answer your questions, you can ask to email us or ask our experts on our site.



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