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breakfast cereals

Unlike in the market corn snacks, supersaturated sugar, our breakfast cereals made ​​from oats, cooked on a unique technology that allows them to use just pour cold milk or even plain water. Subtle, pleasant taste first useful cereal will impress your children, and you can use them as an ideal mix for making your own muesli.


Oat flakes Firma DIAMANT LTD, LLC are manufactured in accordance with DSTU 4634:2006.

For manufacturing use wholegrain oats held dual sanding and cleaning, eliminating the presence of flower films in the finished product. Use a very soft, specially designed modes steaming preserves the maximum amount of beneficial nutrients getting a ready-to-eat product. Pleasant taste and flavor make the product particularly attractive to the most refined palates. In the production of the product is not used preservatives and artificial food additives.

The flakes do not require cooking.

100 g of product contains: protein-13,1 g, fat-6,2g, 62.75 g carbohydrate-calorie product: 365 kcal


We are pleased to announce another exclusive product developed by our team of professional engineers - the first good dry breakfasts


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breakfast cereals