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Tolokno (oatmeal)Net Weight: 500 g
(pack 19 pcs.)

Tolokno (oatmeal) Firma DIAMANT LTD, LLC

ТУ У 15.6-13929625-001:2011

We all remember from childhood that alluring aroma and unforgettable taste of oatmeal, which persisted on the kitchen shelves of our grandmothers. So reviving the best traditions of the consumption of simple and healthy, donated by the very nature of our technology products created oatmeal "Kozub product." The production of this famous since the time of ancient Rus product is extremely laborious and time consuming. New technologies have allowed our technologists to present you a product with maximum preservation of nutrients and minerals.

Let's uncover the secrets of good oatmeal. It comprises 10-15% protein and 7.5% fat. Moreover, in the fat composition is a substance such as lecithin, by which improved the digestibility of the protein. Also oatmeal contains vitamins B, PP, E, macro and micro elements such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, iron, manganese and many other minerals.

Generally , oatmeal can be used not only in cooking , it is bracing means , just one teaspoon , saturate the body with daily requirement of protein needed for an adult. Drinking two tablespoons of oatmeal able to reduce by 10% the level of cholesterol in the blood . The benefits of oatmeal used in the form of decoctions , cereals , jellies unusually high. Range of diseases that can be cured daily use oatmeal surprisingly broad. These include diseases of the gastrointestinal tract , anemia , severe nervous exhaustion , depression , tuberculosis , kidney disease, liver.

Cheers and bon appetit!