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Buckwheat flourNet Weight: 500 g
(pack 16 pcs.)

Buckwheat flour Firma DIAMANT LTD, LLC

ТУ У 15.6-13929625-001:2011

Including in your daily diet dishes based on buckwheat flour , you provide yourself with a powerful prevention of " diseases of civilization ": metabolic disorders, problems with cholesterol and toxins, immunity disorders, the effects of stress and bad environment, digestive problems, cardiovascular disease. Buckwheat flour contains proteins with the highest biological value compared to other cereal proteins kultur.Krome addition, fatty acid composition , the content of vitamins, trace elements, define high -quality food products containing buckwheat flour. Fiber in buckwheat flour is 1,5-2 times higher than in oats, barley , millet and rice. Buckwheat flour - has a slightly nutty flavor. Any prescription can be adapted so as to use it buckwheat flour.

Products with addition of buckwheat flour is recommended for arrhythmia, neurosis, heart defects, obesity and leukemia, enhances immunity.