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Wholegrain wheat flourNet Weight:: 1 kg
(pack 12 pcs.)

Wholegrain wheat flour Firma DIAMANT LTD, LLC

ГСТУ 46.004 - 99

Wholegrain wheat flouris selected wheat whole grains, ground by careful technology millstone ( Stone careful ) chafing grain. As compared with the conventional flour premium, the flour contains 4 times more minerals, vitamins 2.5 times, 24 times more whole grain fiber. This meal is perfect for making pancakes, pies and pizzas, as it has a rich taste, a beautiful yellowish tinge. In wholegrain flour retains all the biological value of whole grains, and all of its healing qualities for the human body. Scones, pancakes, bread and other products will not only tasty, but also useful! Products from this flour is rightly named medicinal products against obesity, atherosclerosis, decreased bowel motility. So, crusty bread effectively removes harmful substances from the body - heavy metals and radioactive substances , toxic components, the remnants of products of biological origin, prolongs life.

Enjoy your corn-spirit health!