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Multicereal flourNet Weight: 1 kg
(pack 12 pcs.)

Multicereal flour "Firma DIAMANT LTD LLC"

ТУ У 15.6-13929625-001:2011

Everyone knows that the most delicious bread - home. Future Housewives with young years were trained in this art. Each family had its recipe secrets, which are carefully passed from generation to generation. Now this warm tradition again revived. And more and more families prefer home-made bread. Multicereal flour helps mistress bake lush and fragrant bread, pastry and confectionery in a bread maker or in the oven. Probably, there are few people who will be able to refuse the fragrant homemade baked bread with browned and crispy. Our Multicereal flour contains all of the benefits 9 species of cereals, therefore cooked bread can be not only tasty, but also useful. This bread is very suitable supporters of healthy nutrition. It holds a maximum of amino acids and vitamins , but also needed by the body of fiber , which improves digestion and provides rapid saturation without unnecessary calories.