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правильное питаниеAbout healthy eating, we have already mentioned, but that is - it is still a question. In this article, we will create an exemplary menu of healthy food for each day.

To begin with, it should be excluded from the daily diet. They are: sausages, bread, pastry, sugar, mayonnaise, alcohol, butter, chocolate (bitter resolved, 70%), bread premium, fast foods, juices in Tetra Pak cartons. Reduce the amount of salt to 4 g per day, but should not be completely ruled out.

What to eat each day?

- Fish: mackerel, trout, salmon, chum salmon. Choose fish fresh, young and small size;

- Bird. Useful chicken meat (breast and wings, but we must avoid the use of the skin), turkey;

- Meat: beef, veal. But useful meat dish - liver;

- Fruit (at least 5 pieces per day);

- Dried fruits (each of which has an almost medicinal properties). Prune a positive effect on digestion and is useful for people with hypertension and heart disease, and apricots - is prevention of cancer, and it has a positive effect on the heart;

- Nuts: Avoid salty, fried and sweet. Each variety is good for your body;

- Vegetables: raw, steamed, or roasted in the oven up to 400 g;

- Cereals;

- Slices;

- Dairy products (preferably low fat): cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt. More care should be taken to the label yoghurts, because only thickeners, stabilizers there is not added!;

- Cheese: Adyghe, Dutch, mozzarella, gouda. Generally, it is best to choose varieties not sharp and is not more than 100 g per day.

It is believed that it is better to eat more often, but in small portions, but what is rare and "to spoil."

правильне харчуванняTherefore, we propose some such diet:

Breakfast. Must be wholesome and nutritious. The menu is: oatmeal or other cereals with milk, cereal, dried fruit, cheese, fruit, fresh, green tea. (Of course, all at once is not necessary). Many hard to eat in the morning, but it is strongly recommended to eat to avoid "brutal hunger" in 10-11 hours, when the hand is not usable pulp.

1 fruit snack or a cup of yogurt.

Dinner. Boiled, steamed or bake meat or fish. Served with vegetables, rice, pasta from durum wheat, buckwheat. You can make soup with chicken or vegetable broth.

Add flavor steamed meat, you can use bay leaves and other spices: oregano, basil, marjoram. Just do not go overboard with the amount of: Spices "inflame" the appetite.

Afternoon tea. 1 fruit, yogurt, yogurt, dried fruit or a few nuts.
Dinner, not later than 3-4 hours before bedtime. The menu is about the same as for dinner, only slightly reducing the dose, but rather prefer vegetable salads such as Greek.

During the day, do not forget to drink healthy drinks and pure water (1.5-2 m.): 20 minutes before a meal and 2 hours after a meal.

Healthy nutrition will be particularly useful for the fair sex, always dissatisfied with their forms. This diet is designed to give ease, good humor and toned body.